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Required Software

As a member of 87th it would be really handy if you had the same software that the rest of us use. Some of the software is compulsory so please read this section very carefully!! Refer also to the Squadron Rules.


Compulsory Software

WDP (Weapon Delivery Planner)

Plan your missions out of Falcon with ease and share the files with your squadronmates!


MS Office Converters and Viewers

Some of our documentation is written with Microsoft Office Products, especially Word, Excell and Power point. If you do not have this software, you can download free viewers from Microsoft.


Adobe Acrobat Reader

All required official documents are provided in .pdf format, you can download the latest free viewer at Adobe Download or by going to and click on the "Get Adobe Reader" button.


An HTML capable email client

Outlook Express for example. Many of the emails that you will receive from us will be in HTML Format so it would be best if you have an email client that can read such files.Several other email clients are able to read HTML mail Outlook Express is free.