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Rev. March 23rd, 2004 What an awful lot of rules you have here!

Actually the rules we have are all there because there has been times when there was confusion on an issue, or they make sense. Be assured that we are dynamically reviewing these rules and removing those who doesn't make sense anymore or those we democratically agree should be abolished.

Game Settings dictate an even environment for all pilots. Tough, but fair.


87th Stray Dogs Rules are rules that mainly regulate how we communicate with each other on a day by day basis. Please review these, and I am sure you will agree to most if not all of them.

The rules are not their to spoil any of the fun, on the contrary - they are there to make sure that nobody spoils the fun for the rest.

We do not have guest memberships as such. In order to be able to fly online with us, you will need to know so many details about us, that we find it fair that we know a bit about you as well. Do not worry, it's is very easy to leave the wing again,should you decide the we are not what you expected.