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- DATA -
Mission ID 13
Author Momps
Date 2015-01-12 03:00:00
Mission Name Downtown
Duration 01:00
Mission Task Strike
TS Server TS3
Server TBD
Primary TgT Administration Bld
Secondary TgT Warehouse
Alternate Airbase Kunsan
Loadout Changeable yes
Start ramp
Difficulty Rating 3
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SWEEP 2 x F16C-52 Cowboy 1 TO:4:43:29 Push: 04:54:03 ToT: 04:05:12 Homeplate: Kunsan
SEAD STRIKE 2 x F16C-52 Falcon 1 TO:04:44:14 Push: 4:57:09 ToT: 5:01:10 Homeplate: Kunsan
STRIKE 2 x F16C-52 Lobo 1 TO:4:45:00 Push: 5:00:00 ToT: 5:10:24 Homeplate: Kunsan
ESCORT 4 x F16C-52 Panther 1 TO:4:45:45 Push: 5:06:07 ToT: 5:07:24 Homeplate: Kunsan
Checked in Pilots: 7 Of 10

SWEEP Cowboy 1 - 1 Woody
SWEEP Cowboy 1 - 2 Trippp

SEAD STRIKE Falcon 1 - 1 Tag
SEAD STRIKE Falcon 1 - 2
STRIKE Lobo 1 - 1 Rhino
STRIKE Lobo 1 - 2 Amway

ESCORT Panther 1 - 1 Lego
ESCORT Panther 1 - 2 Momps
ESCORT Panther 1 - 3
ESCORT Panther 1 - 4


North Korea’s recent cyberattacks on US based companies has become a threat to national security. The NSA has tracked recent cyberattacks on U.S. based companies to North Korea. The White House has directed the CIA and the Pentagon to take any measures necessary to eliminate the threat of future cyberattacks. The CIA has identified three cyber-hacking locations in North Korea: #1 east of Cheonan, #2 north of Soktam-Ni, and #3 at Sambae-Ri. The administrative building at the 8 Feb Synth Fiber complex is the hub of the operation and must be destroyed immediately. The three warehouses house scores of computers and highly skilled hackers.

Phase I: Downtown


The 87th is tasked with destroying the administrative building and the warehouse at the 8 Feb Synth Fiber Complex.

Primary target

Administration building

Secondary target