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- DATA -
Mission ID 14
Author Striker
Date 2015-02-04 18:00:00
Mission Name Battle for Balkan M1
Duration 02:30
Mission Task Sweep
TS Server
Primary TgT Enemy air
Secondary TgT
Alternate Airbase
Loadout Changeable no
Start ramp
Difficulty Rating 5
Download Mission File Battle for Balkan M1.rar

SWEEP 4 x F16C-52 Cowboy 0 TO: Push: ToT: Homeplate: -
Checked in Pilots: 3 Of 4

SWEEP Cowboy 0 - 1 Striker
SWEEP Cowboy 0 - 2 Hero
SWEEP Cowboy 0 - 3 Hans
SWEEP Cowboy 0 - 4


Battle for Balkan M1

SOP Ramp and take off

Formation after take off: VIC if threeship, Box if fourship human


Climb Buster to FL 320 

If bandit activity is high from south Italy, expect Sweep/CAP station over Albania. If activity low, flight will sweep over Split AB in the northwest. 

Engagements will be made if energy is favourable, speed and altitude high than enemy. 

Low RPI shots, MAR 21 nm. Out gator, and jettison is mandatory if defensive situation are unclear. 

Diverts may be Mostar or Sarajevo. Hotpit refuel available. Bring maps and know where you are !

Maps available at