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- DATA -
Mission ID 26
Author Hans
Date 2015-05-24 18:00:00
Mission Name Old fashioned TE
Duration 00:00
Mission Task Low level fun
TS Server IVC3
Server TBD
Primary TgT
Secondary TgT
Alternate Airbase
Loadout Changeable no
Start taxi
Difficulty Rating 2
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INTERDICTION 4 x F16C-52 Cowboy 1 TO: Push: ToT: Homeplate: -
OTHER 2 x F16C-52 Guardian 9 TO: Push: ToT: Homeplate: -
Checked in Pilots: 3 Of 6

INTERDICTION Cowboy 1 - 2 Harpoon
INTERDICTION Cowboy 1 - 3 Hans
INTERDICTION Cowboy 1 - 4 Blanik

OTHER Guardian 9 - 1
OTHER Guardian 9 - 2


Old fashioned TE

TS is currently down. As alternative we meet in the 87th room over at FO if our TS is still inop at 1800z


Some find of low level run through a valley with some low life for us to shoot down and some stuff to bomb.


Taxi start to fit the relaxed spirit


This is only a 4 ship. The 2 guardian slots are for reserve signups!!


Rhino are you sure you can fly 1800Z