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- DATA -
Mission ID 5
Author Ice
Date 2014-12-27 20:00:00
Mission Name The Risen - Vordy
Duration 03:00
Mission Task operational deployment
TS Server 87th TS3
Server Lead
Primary TgT LGB laser operations
Secondary TgT IFR recovery
Alternate Airbase Teagu
Loadout Changeable no
Start ramp
Difficulty Rating 3
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OTHER 3 x F16C-52 Viper 4 TO: Push: ToT: Homeplate: Pohang
Checked in Pilots: 1 Of 3

OTHER Viper 4 - 1
OTHER Viper 4 - 2 Oddball
OTHER Viper 4 - 3


The Risen - Vordy

The Risen. Getting our rusty fellow Dogs back to operational level. Work on the basics, retouch some tweaked and BMS adjusted operations, get some houres logged and get back into the feel of flying with the Dogs. You will have at least one IP assisting you in these classes. We will work on aspects you find prio 1 but will also retouch on old and new operations we find you must get up to par on. We don't like to be disappointed. "The Risen" is a one way street. Noted?