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- DATA -
Mission ID 65
Author Blanik
Date 2019-02-17 01:30:00
Mission Name Op Free Montenegro M3
Duration 01:30
Mission Task SEAD
TS Server 877th
Server Blanik
Primary TgT 2xSA2
Secondary TgT 1xSA5
Alternate Airbase San Pancrazio
Loadout Changeable no
Start ramp
Difficulty Rating 3
Download Mission File Opm Free Montenegro

SEAD STRIKE 4 x F-16C-50 Cowboy 1 TO:15:18:43 Push: 15:52:58 ToT: 16:00:00 Homeplate: -
ESCORT 2 x F-16C-50 Falcon 1 TO:15:16:41 Push: 15:50:58 ToT: 15:58:00 Homeplate: -
Checked in Pilots: 2 Of 6

SEAD STRIKE Cowboy 1 - 1 Rhino
SEAD STRIKE Cowboy 1 - 2
SEAD STRIKE Cowboy 1 - 3
SEAD STRIKE Cowboy 1 - 4 Blanik

ESCORT Falcon 1 - 1
ESCORT Falcon 1 - 2


Op Free Montenegro M3

Into day 3 of Operation Free Montenegro, NATO’s air and ground operations
proceed and the 87th Stray Dogs are called upon, once more, to make their
After the success of the previous mission, an OCA Strike was planned with the
intent of destroying Sjenick Airport – AB to MIG’s 29A and 29S – being air
superiority over the skies of Montenegro its ultimate goal.
The 87th Stray Dogs mission is to destroy 2 SA2 (14062nd Air Defense Battalion
and 14061st Air Defense Battalion, 31 and 55 miles SW of Sjenick Airport,
respectively.) and 1 SA5 (14055th Air Defense Battalion, 56 miles NW of Sjenick
AAR will take place at STP#2.
Weather is Inclement at Homeplate, with Cloud Base below 1000! So
prepare yourself for an ILS recovery…