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Installing FalconBMS


F4-BMS requires the following hardware:

  • A pretty good computer with an up to date CPU and GPU (Recomended gfx card is ATI)
  • We recomend Win7 64bit
      Minimum System Requirements1 Recommended System Requirements1 It Rocks On1
    OS Win 72 Win 72 Win 72 (64bit) and US version if you want to use VAC (Voice Activation Control)
    CPU Pentium 4 3.2 GHz or AMD Athlon X2 4800+ Core 2 Duo @ 2.2 GHz, AMD Athlon II X2/X4 or greater Intel C2D, C2Q, i5/7 2.4 GHz, AMD Phenom II X4, X6 or greater
    Memory 2 GB (Win7) 4 GB 4 GB or greater
    Video PCIE 512 MB DirectX 9.0c nVidia GeForce 8xxx series or higher; ATI Radeon 48xx or higher4 nVidia GeForce 275 or higher; ATI Radeon 57xx or higher4
    Sound Sound Card - DirectX 9.0c compatible " "
    HD 8 GB free space " "
    Joystick DirectX compatible joystick Saitek, CH or Thrustmaster joystick + rudder pedals Thrustmaster Cougar w/ FCC or FSSB modification5 + rudder pedals & toe brakes
      TrackIR 4 or 56 w/ TrackClip PRO TrackIR 4 or 56 w/ TrackClip PRO
    Software Falcon 4.07 " "

    1 These requirements are merely broad recommendations. Actual performance may vary.
    2 Win 7 requires using the new Teamspeak-based Internal Voice Communications (IVC) or an external voice client for voice communications during Multi-player. Microsoft DX10 does not support DirectPlay & DirectPlayVoice. These two components are required for the older IVC that was in previous versions of Falcon. However most will be using the TS client as it is more flexible and far superior. See the Teamspeak IVC article for more information.
    4 Laptop versions of these chipsets may work but are not directly supported. Integrated chipsets are not supported, but may still run.
    5 The FCC (Force Controlled Cougar) (by WhiteEagle) and FSSB (by RealSimulator) are force sensitive sensor modifications to replace the spring gimbals inside the TM Cougar stick. They better replicate the feel of the F-16 SSC (Side Stick Controller) and are highly recommended for the most accurate F-16 simulator experience.

    6 NaturalPoint TrackIR is highly recommended due to BMS' fully interactive 3d cockpit. TrackClip PRO is recommended because it provides much better tracking and clips on to your headset (no hat required).
    7 The original Falcon 4.0 software is required to install Falcon BMS. During installation, the user can provide the original Falcon 4 CD
    NOTE: BMS does NOT install over-top a clean F4 installation, it is completely separate in its own folder (or folder of the user's choosing).

    Itching to buy new hardware but can't justify it to your wife? Maybe now you can.

    Throughout its history, Falcon 4 has always demanded fast computer hardware. The same holds true today. With upgraded graphics options like shaders, post-processing effects, shader rendering effects like light, glass, shadow and rain effects, and enhancements to the terrain engine, Falcon BMS continues to require (or at least prefer) the latest computer hardware on the market. Hardware that ran previous versions of Falcon may not be able to run BMS to the same degree--especially with all the magic turned on. Check out the graphics article explaining some of these new graphical goodies.


  • Falcon 4.0 CD (AF can not be used)
  • BMS Installer (Get it HERE) Base upto U6 and one more U7 (Grab it Here) they are torrent file's.


Q: What has BMS been doing this whole time since the BMS 2.0 release? Why haven't there been any patches released?
A: We've been busy! A long time ago we decided it was best to work mostly out of the view of the Falcon public. It has literally taken years to develop some of the features you read about on the home page. Some examples are the flight model, cockpit, environment, multi-player code, graphics, etc...even the installer system has taken time to mature. We decided that we would not release any work until we, as a whole group, thought it was the proper time to do so. Aren't you glad it's time?

Q: Why didn't you open your website much sooner while you were developing BMS?
A: Because then we'd be busy answering questions about BMS rather than working on it. It was more productive to focus on development first rather than worry about rumors, questions and any general excitement about the patch.

Q: I noticed some Red Viper members contributing here on the BMS team. When did this happen and why did they leave FreeFalcon?
A: The RV team members who have joined BMS are happy for the opportunity to have fun continuing work on improving Falcon 4.

Q: Was OpenFalcon apart of BMS?
A: No. OpenFalcon was never part of BMS, however when OpenFalcon disbanded some of its members joined forces with BMS.

Q: Can we see the complete changelog for BMS?
A: No. It's FAR too long--over 1500 pages actually. Changelogs often contain information that really isn't that important--like minor development notes.


Q: I'm inspired by what you have done and I have more time on my hands than I know what to do with, and I think I have the same screw loose that you all do. Can I join the BMS team? I've been a beta tester before...or I've been involved in OpenFalcon development...or I've been flying F4 since the beginning...
A: So have we. Short answer - NO! Long answer - we do add people to the team periodically when it seems like a good idea, if they're interested. Please do not ask us to join. There's plenty of scope for folks to get involved in the future development of the BMS community add-on, even if they aren't 'on the team'. In particular though if you have skills as a texture artist you could get to work right away! Past that, make a suggestion of what you'd like to work on, or where you think you can make a solid commitment to deliver. Realize we're not going to adopt the "come one, come all" approach though. As you can imagine, a huge influx of new hands working on the problem would be tough to manage in a way that everyone comes out happy.

Q: What do I do if I want to make some mods and contribute them to the BMS team?
A: BMS encourages modding as this will benefit the community in general. However, please don't expect support for bugs that are reported from modified installations as a "right"; it is likely beyond the resources of the BMS team to try to pinpoint all possible problems on anything other than a clean install. We'll make best efforts to help but please bear in mind that there are real limits on what we can reasonably do outside the materials that are part of a release.

Q: Can I modify any BMS component freely and distribute my work?
A: Each part of the BMS community add-on is the intellectual property of its creator. Therefore, you should not modify and distribute something derivative without asking the original creator if that would be OK. Some may give you this authorization, others may not, and others may ask that you work collaboratively on improvements to the baseline. This applies to all the elements contained in BMS release materials; including but not limited to 3D models, sounds, campaigns, data and configuration files, documentation, etc.

Q: What if I make a mod but I would like to charge money for it?
A: BMS has no interest in dictating what you do or don't do in respect of making add-ons for the release materials. If you want to make an add-on and charge for it, that's up to you and your audience to decide. However, if you want to know what we think of that approach, please know that we think it's a bad idea and we don't plan to help you if you go that route. The BMS community add-on is available to you for FREE and we're sharing the fruits of our labor as a way to give back to a community that has given a lot to us over time. We would hope everyone can and will see the betterment of the game we all enjoy playing in the same way.

Q: What happened to the Israeli and Turkish F-16s gone? We want them back!
A: BMS has a number of country variants. We do not have time to make one for each nation. You're going to have to use skins.


Q: Why do I want to install this?
A: FalconBMS contains thousands of improvements over previous releases of BMS--including graphics, campaign, UI, flight models, avionics, new aircraft, buildings, airfields, improved terrain, etc...

Q: Do we need to install this over BMS 2.0?
A: No, BMS 2.0 is quite old. In fact, BMS will not be installed on top of anything, it will do a clean install itself. You need to have the original Falcon 4.0 CD during the installation, however.

Q: What software do I need to install BMS? The installer is asking for the location of the original Falcon CD. What if I have Falcon 4.0: Allied Force? Will that work?
A: You need the original Falcon 4.0 and the BMS installer. F4:AF will not work.

Q: Where can I get Falcon 4.0?
A: Look on ebay

Q: Do I need to have an English version of the original Falcon 4.0 CD?
A: No, any language will do for the CD. However, BMS will be in English language only.

Q: How do I install Hitiles?
A: Good news, they're now included in the install so this is not necessary (freeware tiles).

Q: Can I install Allied Force Hitiles in BMS?
A: No, they are not compatible with BMS.

Q: Will TE's made in OpenFalcon work in BMS?
A: No, they will CTD. You will have to make new TEs.

Q: Can we have the updated F-16 3d models from OpenFalcon in BMS?
A: No, a new F-16 3d model is being made from the ground up.

Q: Can I install 3rd party 2d pits?
A: In short, "no", as they really aren't compatible. You can try, but you may crash out or you'll lack many new functions. Our recommendation is not to bother trying this.


Q. Can I transfer my pilot log book (<pilotcallsign.lbk>) and DTC ini file (<callsign.ini>) from OF into BMS?
A. Yes.

Q. Will my HOTAS setup and keyfile from OF work in BMS?
A. Many new keystrokes have been added and some removed. The short answer is "no". Your best bet is to use the new BMS.key file and/or edit it with the changes you want.

Q. How important is it that I have my config file exactly the same as my friends for MP?
A. BMS now checks your settings during connection and makes the required changes if some of the more critical items are not the same as the host.

Q. If that is correct then why am I seeing fences and trees in 3D world, but my friend is not? I remember this being a big no-no in OF and previous Falcon versions.
A. Trees and fences are no longer in the config editor. They are turned on and off by setting the Object Density slider in the UI from 6 (on) to 5 (off). This is not a MP critical option.

Q. Can I still use and run the season switcher program?
A. No, the option for changing seasons is now found in the graphics UI. However it requires the use of Shaders.

Q: How come the surfaces of the aircraft, runway, etc. are so reflective? Is there a way to turn this down?
A: That's the HDR effect. Individual surfaces do not have specific physical properties, so the flaring effect is the same for everything. If this bothers you, disable HDR or use the HDR sliders in the Graphics setup to dial down the effect.

Q: Do or can I use the -hires and/or -g5 in the command line?
A: No. All resolutions are supported and the updated terrain engine does not use the -g5 command. In fact, it is the equivalent of the -g5 command without the performance hit. See the graphics article for more details.

Q. There are new GFX settings in the UI. Will this conflict with NVIDIA control panel (and equivalent) settings, Enhancer profile software, etc.?
A. This may require you to experiment for performance problems and the best visuals. BMS recommends leaving the defaults and setting Multi-sampling and things like Mipmaps in the Falcon Graphics UI. Antialiasing must NOT be enforced in the driver control panel, as this will break the UI (black screen, distorted pictures etc.). Choose "application controlled" or "enhance the application" in the control panel and enable Multisampling in BMS.

Q: Help! BMS is a slide show for me. How can I get the frame rates up to flyable values?
A: Turn some/all of the graphics features off. Try dialing down the Multi-sampling value or try turning off HDR, jet exhaust, shadows, etc. You may consider trying a newer or older graphics driver for your video card. Your only other option is to buy a new computer if this doesn't work for you. But seek help on the forum.

Q: How can I decrease the FPS loss when I enable external monitors?
A: Turn Vsync OFF from the Falcon graphics menu. If you still want to use Vsync (to avoid LCD tearing), turn Vsync ON in your graphics card's control panel instead. Make sure that "Triple Buffering" is enabled in the BMS Config Editor (F4Patch).

Q: The internal sounds seem incredibly loud. Am I doing something wrong?
A: The internal sounds were designed so that at maximum volume, they would give a great loudness for the audiophile enthusiast. However, if you want a realistic experience comparable to the audio environment a real life pilot would experience, with hearing protection, set the volume at roughly 1/3rd of maximum volume. Note: Prolonged head-phone use at maximum volume MAY be damaging to your hearing.

Q: The engine sound suddenly cuts out over mach 1, is this supposed to happen?
A: The "External Sound inside cockpit" controls how much of the external sounds (including the external engine sound) are heard inside a closed cockpit. Having this slider set at maximum would effectively tell BMS to play external sounds as if your canopy is open. We recommend setting this slider at minimum (0) in order to give the most realistic audio experience. This will also prevent the external engine sound from being heard from the inside of the jet, and thus negating the engine sound ceasing at above mach 1. Note: This does not affect sounds in the external view.

Q: Wow! The list of keys is huge. How am I supposed to remember it all?
A: Most of the keys are not needed since you can use your mouse to activate cockpit controls. In your /DOCS folder you will find few keyboard PDF’s. Print it and put in front of you.


Q: What happened to the 2d pit cockpit? When I press "2", nothing happens!
A: The development of the 2d pit has fallen way behind with all the development of the 3d pit and the majority of people using it. We still have people working on it, but with all of the callback changes, development is slow. Since the 3d pit brings many advantages over 2d and it was so far behind, the decision was made to change the "2" view behavior. When "2" is pressed, the view will go to the 3d pit with Guided Snap Views (see the cockpit article for details). There is a variable "g_bDisable2DPit" (default to 1) in the cfg file, but is NOT in the Config Editor itself. If the setting is set to 0, the "2" view will work again displaying the 2d pit.

Q: OK, so if the 2d pit is disabled by default, how do I pan around the cockpit? I don't have TIR and I prefer 2d pit-style panning. What can I do?
A: BMS has a new option to allow 2d pit-style cockpit in the 3d pit called Guided Snap Views. It can be turned on in the Advanced Controller Setup. Even if you have TIR, you can still use Guided Snap Views to pan around. A subsequent press of "3" will enable TIR to take over again. See the "The New Office" article for more information on Guided Snap Views.

Q: My analogue axes don't work in the 3D pit, although I have them declared and working in the advanced control menu.
A: Some analogue controls (Missile seeker & RWR warning volumes, HMCS & HUD brightness) need to be assigned to pots with a button on the beginning of the range - the relevant ON/OFF keystroke for that knob needs to be assigned on the button for the analogue control to work. TRIMS (3), threat and sidewinder volumes do no need an ON/OFF button.

Q: How come JDAMS aren't modeled more like the real thing? What about IFF?
A: These features are way down low on the priority list. They may or may not be done in the future.

Q: How come there is no more FLIR in the HUD?
A: FLIR has been disabled due to graphics changes. Plus, the current fleet of US F-16s no longer has FLIR capability with current hardware and software changes. In today's fight, with more advanced NVGs and targeting pods with FLIR capability, FLIR in the HUD isn't really necessary.

Q: I can't taxi forward after a Ramp Start. What do I do?
A: You need to tune your radio to the tower's frequency, and use the Tower menu to "Remove Chocks".

Q: Help! I can't hear the tower!
A: You need to tune your radio (generally UHF) to the tower's frequency.

Q: On the ground, I can no longer see wind information!
A: The INS cannot calculate wind on the ground. As soon as you are airborne, the INS is able to derive the wind.

Q: When on the ground at idle, when I let off the brakes, the aircraft rolls forward by itself, gains speed and won't slow down when I pull the throttle to IDLE, what's going on?
A: Like most aircraft, the aircraft may have enough thrust at idle power to start rolling (and accelerate), depending on gross weight. Therefore, unless the pilot holds the brakes or sets the parking brake, the aircraft will start rolling (again, depending on gross weight). If the aircraft is heavy enough, some thrust must be applied to start moving, and then idle thrust should be sufficient to keep the aircraft moving. Real world F-16 taxi and braking technique now applies which is:

Taxi speed in clear areas should not exceed 25 knots. To reduce tire wear, slow to 10 knots when making sharp turns. Do not ride the brakes. Correct braking technique allows taxi speed to increase to approximately 25 knots, and then apply moderate braking to slow to 15 knots. Release the brakes, allow the speed to increase back to 25 knots and repeat the process. Ground speed is available on the INS page (List 6).
See our flight model article "Give Me a Brake" for more information.

Q: The tanker and my wingman are 'shaking' when I'm refueling.
A: This is a known issue. Some of the shaking has been eliminated, but not 100%.

Q: I've just air refueling but I would like to top off my tanks after my wingmen were done. The tanker will not give me fuel. What am I doing wrong?
A: You need to back out at least 1 NM from the tanker and make your request again for fuel.

Q: My MFDs are blank! What happened?
A: You need to assign MFD slots in the Data Transfer Cartridge. This allows you a lot of flexibility to set up Master Modes, chaff/flare set up, radios, etc. See the -34 for more info.

Q: I don't see my wingmen on the HSD...where'd they go?
A:You need to initiate a data-link "round" with your wingmen. See the -34 for a full description of the IDM.

Q. Can I load the Sniper pod in Dogfight mode?
A. No.

Q. Can I adjust the weather settings in dogfight mode?
A. No.

Q. I can't get the RWR out of handoff mode.
A. There is a new method of user interaction involving short and long presses. See the -34 RWR section for more information.

Q: During slow taxi after rampstart, I see the chocks are dragging behind my wheels or I can jump over the chocks with enough trust.
A: That’s a known model limitation. Ask the tower to remove your chocks.

Q: When quitting a mission, during the tunnel vision effect, my plane makes un-commanded maneuvers, why?
A: It is normal as AI takes control over your plane.


Q: Are there any plans to develop other 3d pits for other aircraft that will be as detailed as the F-16's?
A: Other pits are in development. As the 3d pit article mentions, making a good 2d or 3d cockpit takes a lot of hard work and quite some time. The Mirage series of aircraft are currently in the sim and fully functional. Cockpit developers are encouraged to develop 3d pits and steer away from aging 2d pit technology.

Q: How often will we get patches for bug fixes?
A: BMS has not determined this at this time but we do hope to be able to make more updates available down the line.

Q: What will we see in BMS in the future?
A: Good question! Even we're not sure what we'll see, let alone everyone else.

Q: Why isn't feature X in the game?
A: Hard to say in general but we do plan on continued development so never say never.

For more information, then go to: Benchmarksims

Source: BMS Forum
Kurt "Kukki" Andersen