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Midair Collision

On Sunday the 18th of May 2nd LT Simon “Ninja” Hurst had a midair collision with Maj Mikael “Hero” L. Jensen durring FWIT training with Lt. Karl “Goofy” E. Galguften as the IP.
They where on final 4 miles out at Rimini AB after a 1 hour and 20 minuts training exercise, when the midair occurred.

The details from the incident has undergone an investigation, and the flight data recorder shows that the all systems in 2nd LT Simon “Ninja” Hurst´s F-16 broke down at the same time, this caused his Viper´s engine to spool up and while he could just see his plane close up on Maj Mikael “Hero” L. Jensen he tried to call on the radio, but everything was down.

Maj. Mikael “Hero” L. Jensen F-16 s/n 872230/1 was hit right of the nozzle and causing the right elevator to tear off, which then hit F-16 s/n 873539/1 left wing causing both planes in becoming a not safe place to be.

so both pilots ejected safely, they where picked up by SAR and flown to a medical check up just in case, both pilots are out again.
The investigations find 2nd LT Simon “Ninja” Hurst not responsible for the incident.


Maj. Martin "MAV" Vinther