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Mustang Cap

Day 2 of the Battle for the Balkans. The 877th was tasked with a four-ship CAP out of Tuzla.

Mustang #1 Momps
Mustang #2 Tag
Mustang #3 Rhino
Mustang #4 Hattrick

On our way to our CAP area, AWACS diverted us to a station further to the south where F-16's and Tornado's were operating. In a box formation, with 3 and 4 in a 10-mile trail, 1 and 2 engaged a single F-16. #1 lofted a Fox-3 from 19 nm and notched. The F-16 fired 2 AIM-120C's at Mustang #2; Mustang #2 nicely evaded the threat. Mustang #1’s Fox-3 hits the F-16 splash 1. :smile:

AWACS then vectored us north-west to a group of Tornado's and a second F-16. Mustang #2 fired at the F-16 at maximum range and notched to the north. The F-16 turned cold and was no factor. (later downed by Jambo and Smokey) By this time the Tornado's started to bracket us from the west. Mustang regrouped to the south and engaged the Tornadoes coming from the west.
Lead Tornado fired a Skyflash at Mustang #2 (Obviously Mustang #2’s crew chief must have painted a target on his jet!) at a range of 18nm and #2 immediately went defensive. After some fancy pilot-stuff he defeated the missile.

At this point #3 and #4 engaged the Tornado's, flanking them from the south. As the lead Tornado passed, #4 turned in behind. Meanwhile, #2 re-engaged the 2nd Tornado and fired Fox-3 and had to immediately go defensive to evade a second Skyflash (if anybody is counting, that is FOUR missiles fired at Mustang #2 8O). Mustang #2 defeats the Skyflash and his AIM-120C hits home—splash 2.

By this time, the lead Tornado deftly manoeuvred in front of Mustang #4. Mustang #4 closed in and fired Fox-2—a hit but no kill. Mustang #4 dove for the deck behind the damaged Tornado and moved in for a guns shot. A couple of mikes up the tailpipe and splash 3. :twisted:

Mustang #2 and #4 called Joker. The area was sanitized and  we went  RTB. On route to Tuzla, AWACS asked for assistance as a 2-ship of  F-16's just crossed feet dry from Italy. Mustang #1 and #3 moved in to intercept, but by the time they reached the area, the F-16s went cold and feet wet on their way back to Italy.

Mustang returned to base with 3 kills.

This is a great campaign!!

(v) Maj. Momps
877th Squadron Commander
87th VFW