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Introduction to the 87th VFW

The 87th Stray Dogs VFW was created in August 1999. We meet online on our own Teamspeak server, exchange information using this Website, our FTP server, our interactive online Flight Schedule and our own Forum (web board) as well of course email.

Because we are a large number of active pilots you will always be able to find somebody to fly with. Simply join our Teamspeak server's "#lounge" channel to hang out and chat with your fellow officers or find a wingman for a flight.

Below are links to pages that will explain more about us, what we do, how we do it as well as what we expect of you. Before you sign up, you must at least have read our rules.


The Management - Job Descriptions - The Wing Staff

Picture Gallery's

Medals and ranks

Installing BMS 4

Required Software and how to set it up


Sign up now

When you have signed up, and accepted, you will be assigned to the candidate waiting list untill there is a spot free. Once you are accepted, you will begin training in the IQT syllabus until you have earned your wings. This training includes, making sure you know how to use the different software we use, get online, host and join an online flight, and have a general level of flight experience that will allow you to pass the final checkride with a STANDARDS & EVALUATION FLIGHT EXAMINER (SEFE).